Sampath speaks as the only witness to the aftermath of the Enlightenment Experience:

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






SAMPATH – My schoolmate and friend

Even without his knowledge, Sampath was the first one to receive the first gush of energy – the historic energy darśan of the Avatāric mission soon after the enlightenment experience. After descending the Coral rock, Nithyananda sought out Sampath in his house. What followed is described here in Sampath’s own words.

     He comes to my house and calls out to me

He came straight to my place, and from the road itself he called my name. I was sitting near the pillar by myself. I came out and saw… I saw a change in Him. The change was something like the difference between a child’s playful appearance and a meditator’s appearance.
When He called me, ‘Sampath!’ I ran out to see Him. Until I came out and stood before Him, He was fine. After that, He told me to go with Him and put His arm around my shoulder. His facial expressions started changing. I feel, whatever He felt at the time of the deep experience, still remained with Him at that time. He was slightly smiling slightly, and started holding me tightly. I started getting afraid, not knowing what he was doing. He said to walk with Him. Little did I know I was receiving the historic first ever energy darśan from The Avatār!


     I profess nature’s call and leave

We walked and entered the Tiruvannamalai temple and went into the Kalyana Sundareshwar sanctum. It is in the second concentric circumambulation path inside the temple. There is a Kondrai tree (Laburnum in English) there with a stone pillar under it. He sat down there and asked me also to sit. He started tightening His embrace. After a while, He leaned back and smiled. He asked, ‘Can you see an ant moving behind you?’ I asked, ‘Where?’ He said, ‘Behind Me.’ I saw that there was a trail of red ants moving on the tree. He said He could see it without even turning His head. That was it…!
Suddenly I told Him, ‘Please wait for a moment, I will go to the restroom and come back,’ and I ran away from the place! That’s all I know!
Only after reading the books now, I came to know that that was His first experience. Only now, I am able to understand it. Now I understand, at that young age, if He was able to hold on to that deep experience stably, and was even able to answer me cogently, it was a profound thing. 


     Fear and respect step into the relationship

From that experience onwards, the old singular way of addressing Him in singular dropped from me, and respectful language came in towards Him. Earlier, we used to even fight physically! I was taller than Him. I used to put my hand on His shoulder at a point where He would feel a lot of pain. He would scold me saying that I was taking the life out of Him. But after that experience, fear stepped in, and I never touched Him. 


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