Acharapakkam and Tiruvannamalai

Leela of Spiritual wandering






The Avatār made His way next to Acharapakkam near Chennai, where He spent several months asserting the His new Being. He lay speechless, motionless, and often without food, while His irrefutable Divinity pulled towards Him passersby who took care and became devoted to Him. Such were the days in Acharapakkam.
While in Acharapakkam, The Avatār visited Tiruvannamalai a few times. Word spread about the return of The Avatār, and slowly, people sought Him out for healing, spiritual counselling and meditation. 

End of 2000 – CHANDI HOMA
I perform the powerful Chandi Homa in the Raja Rajeshwari Temple in the girivala (mountain path) in Tiruvannamalai, to bring the Divine Mother’s grace to expedite the establishment of the temple by the eager devotees of that temple.

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