Gratitude to Arunācaleśvara!

Leela of Spiritual wandering






Pregnant with The Avatāric Mission inside of Him, and carrying a body that was as soft as butter, The Avatār went first to Tiruvannamalai – to offer gratitude to His beloved Lord Arunācaleśvara, with whose blessings He had departed. These photographs are taken during His visit there.

2000 – ME
Tiruvannamalai. You can see Arunācala behind Me

2000 – ME
I am seated here (in Dakshinamurthy posture) unknowingly at the tip of the land in the girivala path (circumambulation path) in Tiruvannamalai, which was donated eight years later to the Mission by My own maternal uncle. On 19 April 2008, on the auspicious Citra Pournami Day, I inaugurated the temple monastery complex in this very place. 

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