An Awakening incident… for My blind spots

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






He decides on a ritualistic initiation

Catching this science of enlightenment from a guru no doubt needs your full commitment and intense seeking, to reach the higher reality and achieve levels of superconsciousness. The relationship that we have with the guru is a determining factor in whether or not we will be able to receive the ultimate jnana, knowledge, from them.
There are so many blind spots inside you. You miss even seeing them or listening to them, but they are sitting inside you.
Gurus will give you a slight warning; if you catch that, you will save yourself. All these silent confusions that even you are missing, gurus might not directly tell you, because you might get defensive and withdraw, which is many times more costly for the Guru than not saying anything! When it comes to these silent blind spots, it comes down to the raw integrity you feel for him.
Once, Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara was supposed to give Me an initiation.
He told Me, “It is a ritualistic initiation, so prepare formally.”


I get dakṣiṇa and some extra coins

That meant I would have to get a fruit, a betel leaf and betel nut. In those days the dakṣiṇa, or the offering to the guru, would be four annas, four coins. And I had to get a towel or cloth for offering as well. These are the things you would gather to offer the dakṣiṇa to the guru.
The whole guru dakṣiṇa for this ritual would cost one rupee or one and a half rupees. I went to My grandfather, since he was the funder usually for all My rituals and expenses!
I told that I have this ritual to do, and for that I want some money. Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara told Me that before the sun set, I should come. I knew now the sun was going to set, I needed to run, but I was standing there nagging, thinking that if I stood for a few more minutes, I could get a few more coins. I could buy something with that when I got back to the temple. As usual, when I stood there for a little more time, My grandfather smiled at the cashier and he gave Me a little more.


I come late for the initiation… The Sun sets

By the time I came to the temple, I can say the sun had almost set – it was just about to set, or rather, almost set completely.
Usually, when I went to see Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara, he would give a very wide smile and stretch his leg so that I could touch his feet. He would always say, “Va da” (Come, child). That was the way he used to receive Me.
That day, he did not stretch his leg. I will not say he did not smile, but it was a limited expression. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. I was shaken.
I rushed to him, caught his feet and told him in Tamil, “Swami, forgive me, I got late. I made a mistake.”


He exposes my casual greed. I collapse.

He told me in Tamil, “You are being greedy for money.”
It just shook Me! Because for initiation, I didn’t need extra money. I didn’t need to be standing there nagging My grandfather for a little more money for something which I thought I could buy, and after all, easy money coming…
It was a slap, a shock. I just woke up. And I am a guy who never touched money except for such rituals.
I remember, I collapsed completely. I decided to choose Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara and dropped the remaining coins at his feet. Never ever even the casual greed came after that. Even if it was casual, it could not keep Me from my Guru. It was too small, but too big.
Some messages you cannot directly tell. You will get into defense. Then you cannot be taught. The cognitive shift cannot be happening. I can only underline. I cannot directly tell you because you will get into defense.
Only if you catch the subtle messages given by the guru, your cognition can be solved. 


The Sun rises again!

When I just completed at his feet and dropped everything, I vowed never to have this casual greed again. He just brought Me from his feet to his face. He put a hand on My head and turned My face to see the sun. I swear, it was back in the sky!
Thankfully I was so connected to My Guru, the minute he gave Me even the smallest of signs, I immediately completed and achieved that space once again with him.


UPI Archives records Two Sunsets in that year same time

Mapping this completely mystical phenomenon of two sunsets in a day, United Press International (UPI) archives actually records two sunsets on August 15, 1988 – the same time of the year when the above incident happened.

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