Love Current of Mahādeva

Leela of Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara






I tell you, Oneness strengthens your ability to radiate love. And when you become all ‘Me’, ‘Me’, ‘Me’, ‘Me’, you lose the ability to celebrate devotion, understand?
Antidote for delusion is devotion. Antidote for ‘maya’ is ‘Līlā’! Exaggeration is inevitable. You cannot kill it. I challenge! Record any of your conversations for ten minutes. You will see constantly exaggeration erupting! Even in a negative way, if you hate somebody, you will exaggerate negatively about that person.
Whoever decides, ‘In my words and deeds and thinking, all my exaggeration will be only centered on my Ishta’, you are travelling on the path of enlightenment! Get ready to wake up! Look in! That is all is the love current of Mahādeva, I tell you! That is all is the love current of Mahādeva, understand…
I was very clear from the beginning that I would remember only the exact person who awakened Me (at different times). When I was practicing – ‘Who Am I’ – Annamalai Swamigal was the cosmos for Me, that’s all. No question of anything else. Whenever I was practicing whatever Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara taught, he was the cosmos. When I was practicing something related to what Kuppammal, Vibhutānanda Puri, taught, she was the cosmos. When I was practicing yoga, Ragupathi Yogi was the cosmos, that’s all!


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