I start moving objects – through Oneness!

The Leela of Arunagiri Yogishwara






One day Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara and I were sitting and talking, and he was explaining a Yoga Sūtra, “When you feel one with nature, nature listens to you.” I asked, “How can that be?” He asked Me to feel one with the rock. I just contemplated, meditated and I was feeling one with that rock; a huge boulder. When I was in that ecstasy, he just moved My hand; suddenly, without telling Me, he moved My hand. I literally saw the whole boulder rolling! I did not touch it. There was no physical contact with that boulder; just the feeling of Oneness with that it. When he moved My hand and that boulder started rolling, I started shouting, “Oh! Oh! What happened? What happened? What happened? What is happening? Stop, stop, stop!” He stopped My hand and the boulder stopped! That was the first object that responded to My hand movement. I think, from that time only, I started shaking people!


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