“Sami, Onnuda!” – My First Experience of Advaita

Leela of Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara






He was a man of few words

Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara would use very few words. That was his beauty. Just with a few words, he would make the click happen. First, he was trying to tell Me that ‘Everything is One’ – a few words. I was not convinced that the click had happened in Me.
Understand: At that time, it was not that I did not believe them, but it never become My strategy for existence. It never become My cognition of existence. ‘Okay, Gurus are telling, I should listen, I should obey. I should not be opposing them.’ But for My life, I had a different strategy! That was not the cognitive reality for Me on which I stood, the foundation on which I functioned or the foundation on which I made decisions. It never became that for Me. The foundation on which I made My decisions was always different. Even though I heard enough of Advaita from Yogananda Puri, Vibhutānanda Puri and Annamalai Swamigal, the moment Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara started ‘Advaita’, immediately I thought, ‘Oh, same thing, okay. Advaita, I know, I know…. All one and the same.’
He was sitting facing north, I was sitting on the next step below. He was actually sitting on the steps of the Tiruvannamalai Arunācaleśvarar’s Temple, Kalyana Mandapam, facing his Samādhi. His Samādhi mandapam is there, so on the steps he was sitting facing north. He was trying to explain ‘Advaita’, and My whole incompletion and constipation started, ‘Aaaah, I know Advaita, Vibhutānanda Puri told me, Yogananda Puri told me, Annamalai Swamigal told from the Ribhu Gita.’ All big-big books, big, big literature I had read. So, I had read all those big-big books. But somehow it never became reality, and so the whole undigested… incompletion.
The moment Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara saw in My eyes that kind of a non-interested sleepy mood of, ‘Aah, I know, I know….’… He was looking into My eyes. Such expressive vast eyes, like an ocean. And his eyes would be like Pacific and pacifying, both! The depth like Pacific and compassion like pacifying. So naturally, sleep disappeared…!


Very simply he delivered ‘Saami Onnuda!’ – ‘Swami, it is Oneness!’

The next word is, ‘Sami’ (Swami).
That is the way he used to call Me, because that was the way My whole family use to address Me. I had hundreds of names, given and self-given, and it continues even now! But the most used name is, ‘Sami.’
The moment he called ‘Sami’, I just sat up and the eye and eye got locked. He raised the right hand, with a silent gesture, “Are you able to raise your hand?” So the meaning was, ‘Are you able to do what you want?’ It was not verbal, it was like a show. So naturally I responded; I moved My hand and showed, “Yes, I can.”
Suddenly he said, “Eh, Onnuda!” (Eh, it is ONE!)
It just clicked and I started laughing. He also started laughing. Both of us were laughing for ten minutes!


I understand that I have an Ultimate Consciousness that can command matter

Understand: I will tell you exactly what happened in Me.
When you have a Consciousness, which can command and execute something, that is One with the Ultimate, it means you are Ultimate! Like something hit Me on My forehead, it was such an ecstasy blossoming, flowering.
From that click, I started manifesting powerful cognitions, ‘Aye, if this Consciousness can move these hands, why not the air next to the hands? Why not the stone next to the air? Why not the hill next to the stone…’ Powerful cognitions started manifesting and the powerful cognitions brought understanding, knowledge, powers, all rooted, centered on this one click. 


Power manifestation is simply possible from the space of Oneness

Understand: Your hands are matter. Your body is matter. Any will established in Consciousness can move the matter and that Consciousness is Ultimate. So, If there is something which is you, which can give a command to move matter, the Ultimate is in you. It can tell, command, order any matter to move.
Understand: The moment you decide, ‘Eh! It can command any matter to move’, manifesting Śaktis starts!
Thinking that ‘I am telling but it is not moving’, is inauthenticity-based powerless cognitions and the conclusions you make before even you try. Have you told this board to move and it did not move? If that is the case, you have not told the board the way in which the board can listen. So change the method of telling until the board listens. Do not doubt the technology of thesource, Advaita. You always do the stupidity of doubting the technology without applying it.


Guru bhakti is enough for power manifestation

Understand, Guru bhakti is a strength to make you apply the technology, update the technology, without doubting the original science. Fortunately, I had that kind of a bhakti with Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara.
Air-bending is possible if I know how to do My mind-bending. So, just like how I sent My command to My hands, I should send My command to the air. I should send My command to the stone. I should send My command to the hill.’ My cognitions started moving in that direction. 


Through just Intimacy ‘Power manifestation’ started!

Listen: It is too small an incident, but the first sword of ‘Advaita’ fell on Me, cut across through My being, and started releasing powerful cognitions! It was like as if a sword fell on My being, cut all the granthis, knots, or incompletions. With too many advaitic, confusing, corrupt, cognitions from so many people, it became a knot in my Ananda Gandha (vital energy center in the human system), like a Chit Jada Granthi.
I think in this whole incident, that intimacy mattered; that space mattered. The ability to get locked into his eyes mattered. The Guru is trying to convey something through the gestures and you catch that and His logic unravels itself in you. You respond in the same way, through gestures, without answering and he captures that and just throws one word: ‘Onnuda’.
And it just hits you like a thunderbolt and you start laughing, ‘Eh!’ That laughter – My laughter and his laughter – during that laughter itself I was giving the command to the air to move and the air was moving! I can see in that ecstasy laughter, I was giving command to the matter around Me and it was responding. Then started power manifestation on the planet Earth, after centuries!
This is exactly, precisely, the power manifestation initiation I received from Aruṇagiri Yogīśvara! This is exactly the fundamental foundation, thought current or the cognition, which clicked with Me, and the power manifestation started. After that we sat for many hours, many days, He was helping Me, supporting Me, to play with various elements. Then he explained all the thirty-six tattvas (Cosmic principles).


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