Making a Lakshmi deity

The Leela of Disciplehood






Making a Lakshmi deity

I still remember, one day I went to Mātāji Vibhutānanda Puri and told her, ‘In the temple, there is such a beautiful deity of Lakshmi! It is so nice! I want a deity like that!’ She said, ‘You make one!’

I did not even ask how! Immediately, from my neighbour, I got a mould of Lakshmi, and made a clay mould out of it. I asked My mother, ‘Give me some waste metal.’ She did not know what for I am asking. She had some four or five aluminium plates. She said, ‘This is useless for me. Take it.’

I immediately brought those plates and melted them, and poured them in the mould and made the deity! And then, after the mould, I cleared it, and I Myself carved it. I was hardly a twelve-year-old boy! I did not even have a second thought!

When I finished it and took it to My guru, she said, ‘This is your Lakshmi – this ability to look into anything, and the space of completion to look into anything, and no incompletion about anything, simply possibility! Everything is doable… and do it! Not only doable, do it!’

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