Thinnai Swami

The Leela of Disciplehood






Thinnai Swami

I have also seen people, who are confined to a small room their whole lives. There is a person in my native town, who has been living inside a ten-by-ten room for the last thirty-five years!

Nobody is binding him. He is actually considered an enlightened Master and worshipped as such. His name is Thinnai Swamigal; he is a disciple of Ramana Maharishi.

His is a beautiful story; let Me narrate it. He went to see Ramana Maharshi, and asked, “Bhagavan! How can I achieve the spiritual experience? How can I achieve Enlightenment? Should I do some type of worship? Should I do some type of mantra repetition? Should I chant some verses? Should I meditate? What should I do?”

Bhagavan casually said, “Drop!” Just a very casual word: “Drop!” This person was so sincere – simply he dropped! He really dropped. Something just dropped inside him. From that time until today, he is just sitting in a room and living happily.

Nobody is binding him. Nobody is forbidding him from going out. He just says, “No. I am happy. I don’t feel like moving. If I feel like, I will go out.” Hundreds of people come there to see him. He sits there, radiating peace and bliss. He says, “I am boundaryless! Where can I go?”

There are people who are sitting inside a ten-by-ten room and experiencing the boundaryless Universal Consciousness, and there are people who are lying on the beach, having a so-called vacation, and feeling suffocated and stressed! The experience of boundarylessness has nothing to do with the outer world. It has to do with the number of energy clots that you have; the reactive mind that you have. When you drop the reactive mind, when you start directly relating with Existence, your whole being is liberated.

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