Narayana Swami thatha

The Leela of Disciplehood






Narayana Swami Thatha

Siddha is no-effort enlightenment

Just through the Siddha tradition, I will bring the whole Vedic tradition alive, because Siddha tradition directly contributes. Siddhas don’t talk; they just do it. It is one of the oldest traditions! Please understand: When I use the word Siddha, it means, expressing extraordinary powers in the physical body.

I can say, Buddhism has produced the largest number of enlightened beings. Yoga, Patanjali, has produced the largest number of healthy people in the world. Zen has produced largest number of peaceful people in the world. Goudiya Sampradaya, Chaitanya’s lineage, has produced largest number of ecstatic people in the world; means, being in ecstasy, bhāva; singing and dancing. Siddha tradition has produced largest number of miracle makers in the world! Not just enlightened people – enlightened miracle makers. I have seen at least one hundred Siddhas in my life.

He was such a simple man!

I was initiated into the Science of Aushadha by a great Siddha, Narayana Swami. He was an old man, living like a nobody, just lying down in a small Ganesha temple outside the Arunācaleśvara temple! He was called thotakara thatha, meaning the grandfather who maintains small gardens in and around the temple. That was the way he produced whatever herbs he wanted for his aushadha preparation.

He was a great mantrika

He was a contemporary of Vibhutānanda Puri and Yogananda Puri. He used to live on Arunācala, and was very adept in the knowledge of all the herbs native to it. Both My Gurus would call Narayana Swami to teach Me the science of Aushadha.
Because I had deep seeking at that time, I would go behind any Sanyāsi I saw! At that time, Narayanswami thatha (grandfather) used to sit in the Vinayaka temple in Tirumanjana Gopuram street.

A mirror becomes a TV

He was a great mantrika. He knew the three shastras of mantra, yantra and tantra deeply. He had the power to use a mirror like a TV or a security camera! He could see anything anywhere using that mirror. He would apply anjanam, an energized black paste, on the mirror, and the scene he wished to see would appear on it!
Even the police would come to him to find out about any theft. All the officers in the station would come there unfailingly every evening with the case file! They would say, “Swami, please see and tell about this case.” He would apply the anjanam and see and tell them, “Eyy, he is sitting in the third street in the fourth house. Go catch him!” Or if any cow was missing, that cow could be seen in the mirror – wherever it was grazing! He would say, “Go, bring it back.”
He would tell all this very casually, but it was 100% guaranteed; I had the fortune of living around him for six years, and I have not seen a single failure! I have seen him for approximately twelve years.

He wanted to teach me mantrikam

Narayanaswamy Thatha gave Me a yantra and tantra. He gave Me the mooligai prana pratishtha mantra (mantra to infuse life energy into a herb). You have to sit facing East, and chant the mantra one thousand times. Then prana pratishtha is done, and even if you cut it from the plant, it will live on and do its work. Sthaapana Vriddhi will happen.

With the mantra and thayathu (amulet) that Narayana Swami Thatha gave Me, I used to materialize and give a lot to people. There used to be a group around Me all the time to see these things happen!


Curing a fever from the space of ‘Shivoham’

I used to call him ‘Thatha’, meaning ‘grandfather’ in Tamil. He was a true example of a being who was permanently in the state of Shivoham, constantly remembering ‘I am Shiva; I am the Ultimate’.
One day I found Narayana Swami shivering with fever when I came to visit him. I rushed to his side and asked him, “Thatha, what happened?! Shall I bring a blanket for you?”
“No!”, Narayana Swami told Me, “I am Shiva. If I am Shiva, this body will heal itself.”
Within a matter of minutes the fever subsided, just by the power of his will, as if Narayana Swami was shaking off a wet coat.


Devi Herself brings him herbs!

One time, I actually saw Devi coming and giving him the herbs he needed for his aushadha preparation! She was dressed in a green saree, just like a village woman. Her hands were even a little muddy! She was carrying a basket of herbs in her left hand. She was walking very casually through the bushes and trees on Arunācala, as if she herself had planted them! She looked just like a traditional village woman. But I could see that she was Devi! Devi herself had come down to give what Narayana Swami needed for his aushadha.


Healing cancer with onion skins!

He was a very powerful yogi. Once, when I was sitting with him, a person came to him for healing a very serious case of anal cancer. He was continuously bleeding. Narayana Swami immediately looked at him and said, “You will become alright!” Right next to the temple where he was sitting, there was a village onion shop. All the onion skins were peeled and lying in a corner. Narayana Swami just collected that and pressed it in his hand, and gave it to him. He told him to make a small pillow with those onion skins and sit on it. In three months, the man was healed!


Parthiban, the grandson shares…

Parthiban, the eldest grandson of Narayanaswamy thatha shares his vivid memories of seeing his grandfather and The young Avatār spending hours together literally grinding the knowledge of the Siddha medicines.

Grandfather would sit with one leg on top of the other. Swami would sit in front of him and bend forward towards him. They would sit very close to each other and talk, looking so intensely at each other. There would be only a two-finger gap between them. We could never hear what they spoke. They would be sitting and grinding medicine. Grandfather used to teach him to grind. Grandfather’s father was Sabapathi Pillai. He was called Vaidyar (doctor). His eldest son was Narayanaswamy thatha. Sabapathi Pillai used to give medicines to all so precisely. He taught it to Narayanaswamy thatha. We all never asked him and he too said there is no need of it for us

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